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Skip Rosamilia

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Voice Part: Baritone
Harvard Class: 2017
Concentration: Undecided
Nicknames: Skrrp, Squirtle
Favorite Veritones Songs: Colder Weather, Poison and Wine, All I Want

Skip is a Kortalian hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Too often found sushing his bouche, Skip may surprise the masses when he says without hesitation that the Veritones precede sushi on his list of most beloved things (this is a big deal… the masses are now surprised).  Fascinated by all things Japanese and Uwimanese, he loves to travel the world and is on an everlasting quest to find the Fountain of Dunster B-32.  He enjoys wearing grandma clothing from thrift stores and jamming to Bon Iver in a Pikachu onesie.  Hit him up.  Besos <3