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Niya Avery

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Voice Part:  Alto
Veritones Leadership: Alumni Coordinator
Harvard Class:  2017
Concentration:  History of Science
Nicknames:  Nai-nai
Favorite Veritones Songs: All I Want, Below My Feet, Pendulum, Come on Get Higher

Niya is a city girl at heart, hailing from Washington, DC (no, she does not know the President… but his kids did go to her rival school). When she’s not singing, she also enjoys not eating in dining halls, thinking up ridiculous Veritones party themes and sitting under her electric blanket. After declaring last fall, Hist of Sci has proven to be her calling as you can often find her reading articles on gravitons and pulsars and generally nerding out about cool science but completely avoiding the math that goes along with it. Her current music obsessions are Halsey, Boy & Bear and alt-J.