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Mallika Rangan

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Voice Part: Mezzo
Harvard Class: 2017
Concentration: Social Studies
Nicknames: Leeks
Favorite Veritones Songs: Paris, Natural Woman, Wild At Heart, Danny’s Song, Home, Gone Gone Gone, High and Dry

Meet leeks! She is obsessed with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Luke James, Elliott Yamin, and Justin Bieber. Leeks is currently married to NBA star, Paul Pierce, and enjoys a fruitful relationship with him, his other wife, and his kids. On a related note, she has a pet fruit fly named Paul. Leeks’s relationship with flies has changed dramatically over sophomore year, so definitely ask her about it if you’re interested in that information. Change is the spice of life, Leeks thinks, and her relationship with flies definitely embodies that. When Leeks grows up, she wants to visit Antarctica with Paul. Does she mean Paul Pierce or Paul the fruit fly?? Ask her to find out!!!