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Fatima Fairfax

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Voice Part: Mezzo
Veritones Leadership: President
Harvard Class: 2018
Concentration: Sociology
Nicknames: Tots
Favorite Veritones Songs: Wild at Heart, Bad Blood, Poison and Wine

Fatima, the warrior goddess of the group, hails from Washington, D.C. (sorta kinda). She has met President Obama but hasn’t met George Washington yet. As a senior in Currier house, she enjoys long walks from the quad in the Fall and Spring. She prefers hibernating in her onesie in the winter. She’s concentrating in sociology because it has nothing to do with her Pre-Med requirements and variety makes life more interesting. This variety can be seen in her musical tastes. Her current musical obsessions are Beyoncé, Nao, Bishop and 5 Seconds of Summer (no shame).